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Imagine the pleasure of experiencing nature at a slow pace. Imagine giving new value to your time, among woods, valleys, rivers and alpine lakes. Imagine finding well-being and balance, between a walk in the mountains, moments of relaxation in the snow or sitting at the table, in front of a sparkling glass of Trento doc.
This is the wealth of Trentino:
  The Dolomites, which have always been universally recognized as the most beautiful mountains in the world, have been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site since 2009. The award includes nine Dolomite groups, including our Pale di San  Martino. The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) has recognized these territories as unique from a geological, botanical and landscape point of view.
Precisely these extraordinary natural and aesthetic characteristics make the Dolomites and therefore the Pale di San Martino a Universal Heritage, among the 50 most beautiful landscapes in Europe and among the 199 worldwide. Entering these mountain areas you will find yourself in front of harsh and uncontaminated landscapes, sharp and impervious peaks, a varied and luxuriant nature, protected in the numerous parks and reserves of the Dolomites area. A stay with us means experiencing a holiday in one of the most beautiful places in the world, unique in its natural simplicity.  The sound of the edge of the ski carving the slope, the unusual harmony between the whiteness of the fresh snow and the air that already smells of spring: the last ski runs of winter have a special flavor, with the sun lingering a few more hours , before hiding behind the mountains, and gives you a few more descents. There is still time for a day on skis, to stop for lunch in a chalet and then relax on a "sun terrace", perhaps with a view of the Dolomites. The perfect formula to welcome the warm season!

There is a perfume that is born with the colors of dawn, a music that explodes from the mountain banks, a voice that has hidden itself to be sought. You hear it? It is a new hope, that of the first real good season that is advancing. There is a castle waiting to open doors and towers to you, a crocus who dreams of flying acrobatics out of vanity, the light pink of apple trees and, everywhere, pastures in bloom. There is a life that pushes to open up to the life of a Trentino more open than ever by nature. The scent of the spruce, the caress of the Ora del Garda, your gaze that is lost in boundless spaces, embraced by the Dolomites. In Trentino woods, lakes and mountains welcome you to infuse you with their ancestral energy. An excursion on foot, a bike ride and the night watching the stars: a summer to live outdoors, to be reborn. To rediscover your connection with nature. In Trentino, quietly and on tiptoe, in the mating season, when the sun peeps out with its slightly special light, as it greets the summer before the snow.  Hotel Villa Aurora  wishes its guests a good holiday




ski slopes


An elegant and picturesque center

  at the foot of the majestic Pale di San Martino

Already famous in the nineteenth century among the pioneers of modern mountaineering, San Martino di Castrozza became a renowned tourist resort frequented by high society and artists who found great inspiration in this place.

San Martino di Castrozza owes its origin to the Hospice of Saints Martino and Giuliano, an ancient religious institution that welcomed travelers who crossed the Rolle Pass, on their way from Primiero to Val di Fiemme.

The town is part of a green meadow valley, surrounded by the Paneveggio-Pale di San Martino Natural Park. The truly extraordinary panorama falls on the peaks of Cimon della Pala, Vezzana, Rosetta, Sass Maor, Val di Roda, Madonna and Colbricon. In winter, however, it offers countless opportunities for all lovers of alpine skiing and the table. The choice for cross-country skiers is also wide and diversified: 30 km of tracks located mostly within the natural park, with two equipped centers.

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