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We thank you for your interest and for choosing our hotel, in giving you a cordial welcome, we want to make you aware of our internal rules.




The Regulations of the “HOTEL VILLA AURORA” accommodation facility are established to guarantee a uniform, orderly, serene and peaceful use of the same for all. It has a contractual nature between "Hotel Villa Aurora" and the Guest and, therefore, the request to stay at the Hotel and the acceptance of this request by "Hotel Villa Aurora" implies total acceptance of these Regulations.

All guests are required to comply with the Internal Regulations of the Accommodation, which can be consulted at the hotel reception.

Failure to comply with the Regulations and the further provisions of the Management may result in the removal from the Structure of the offender, balance of the entire account and the relative reporting of the fact to all national and international tourist organizations, unless also reported to the Public Authorities in the case of which non-compliance could possibly lead to the assumption of the commission of a crime.

All the specific indications reported in the signs placed in the property area and / or pertaining to the Hotel must also be respected.

Parents (or those who legally exercise their authority) are jointly responsible for the acts performed by their minor children within the Hotel and are required to supervise them and make sure that they maintain a polite and respectful behavior towards others, under their own direct. responsibility and, in particular, as regards the obligation to respect silence and the equipment made available by the Structure to its Guests. Any activity that could disturb other Guests is prohibited. In general, all the rules of this contract regulation must be respected.

The conduct held by both adults and minors is considered contractually relevant and, therefore, any violation of the rules of this regulation and of the common rules of civil coexistence and good performance of the Hotel will entail, according to the judgment contractually mandated in via unappealable to the Management, the immediate termination of the contract due to the Guest and the removal from the Hotel within 5 hours from the notification of the facts. In this case the Hotel Management is entitled to withhold the sums already paid and to demand the remaining sums, also by way of compensation for damage, without prejudice to the right to compensation for the greater damage ascertained.

The Management, as provided for by the laws in force of the Italian Republic, has the right to expel without notice anyone who does not comply with the Regulations or behaves in such a way as to create damage or disturbance.

Each Customer in the act of accepting hospitality in the Hotel also contractually accepts to submit to the Security and Guard Authority of the structure, which is however obliged in turn to always respect the Laws of the Italian Republic and the principles commonly accepted by our culture of courtesy and good education.

The Management reserves the right to modify these Regulations at any time, which will be available at the Hotel reception




Pursuant to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 30.06.2003 n. 196, all personal data of our Customers  will be processed both by computer systems and manually, in order to fulfill tax obligations (draw up invoices, record data, etc.) and provide the requested service.

Upon arrival, customers will be asked for an identification document for the purpose of communicating their presence to the competent police bodies.

The compilation of the appropriate form and / or the compilation of the data for the Newsletter will allow us to keep our database updated and to be able to keep it updated on our promotions in real time.


For information, you can contact the hotel reception by phone, by E-Mail or in person.

Reservations can be made by sending a written request to the e-mail address or by phone at +39.0439.026271.

The booking request must indicate the number and type of rooms requested, name, surname, date of arrival, date of departure, number of adults and children, age of children (in order to be able to propose quotes tailored to different needs), contact details telephone, e-mail for communications. Please also indicate the estimated time of your arrival.

In the event that the customer is unable to occupy the accommodation in the booked period due to difficulties with means of transport, errors or other personal reasons, there is normally no refund for early departures or delays on arrival.
We kindly ask our customers to understand that the booked period will be charged in full even in the event of early departure: however, the full amount of the overnight stay must be paid for the remaining nights, in any case we recommend that you contact the reception for more details.

Customers who leave early are required to pay for the room for the remaining days of the reservation pursuant to art. 1385 -1386 of the Italian Civil Code.

In case of misunderstandings at the time of booking, the management undertakes to arrange, when possible, to arrange different accommodation in rooms or equivalent structures.

For cancellations the entire deposit is charged and / or, in the event that the booking conditions provide for payment of the entire amount with certain days in advance, the full amount foreseen for the stay will be charged.

In case you need an invoice, please report it promptly (at least 1 day before departure) providing us with the header data and any other information. Otherwise we will issue a simple receipt and the subsequent cancellation will not be possible.

The balance of the room can be paid at the end of the stay  e in any case must be paid within the day before check-out or with certain days in advance of the day of arrival depending on the periods and of the booking and stay conditions

At the time of the balance, the possible use of the minibar and other extras not yet detected by the hotel staff must be communicated.

Any people staying in the same room, but not declared at the time of booking or upon arrival, will be charged to the holder of the reservation with a rate increased by 40% on the daily price with the option of the management and the property to report to the authorities PS all unauthorized persons, found inside the Hotel.

The loss or breakage of the key and / or magnetic card will be counted with a minimum amount of € 20.00.

Guests respond and are called to pay compensation for damage caused by them, even in the case of missing linen we will be forced to charge it to the account balance.



Check-in from 14:00 to 21:00, any arrivals after this time must be reported to the Reception at the time of booking and agreed for acceptance by the same. If due to force majeure, it is not possible to arrive on time, it is essential to notify the hotel.

Upon arrival, guests must be provided with an identity document, including minors.

Minimum age to rent a room: 18 years. Minors unaccompanied by people of majority age will be accepted only if in possession of a release signed by their parents (or by those who legally exercise their parental authority), with their contact telephone number and a copy of their document.

Upon arrival, customers including minors are required to hand over their documents to the reception. This document will be registered for the purpose of public safety. Failure to comply with this obligation constitutes a violation of the provisions of the Criminal Code by us towards the Public Security Authorities.In case of non-delivery we are obliged to report the omission to the competent bodies and access to the structure is prohibited, otherwise the operator must refuse hospitality (article 109 of the PS law as amended by article 7 point 2 of Law 203/95).

In addition to the identity card, the suitable identity documents, according to national regulations, are also the passport and driving license for all occupants.

Any guests of customers staying in the structure, even if temporary, must be agreed and reported at the reception and present themselves with an identity document. The presence inside the structure must be authorized by the management, having in any case access only to the bar and other common areas indicated and in no other area of the structure.

DATA PROCESSING: The data of our guests are treated in accordance with the current privacy legislation.

In no case is accommodation allowed to persons exceeding the number fixed in the booking unless previously agreed. We reserve the right to refuse entry to the accommodation if this condition is not observed. Guests cannot receive visits from relatives, friends, etc. if not agreed with the Management that the latter must complete and sign (PS Law as amended: from article 7 n.4 of Law 203/95).

The keys will be delivered to the reception starting from the time indicated as check-in (from 14:00). The keys will be delivered to the customer upon arrival after having completed the PS registration operations

If the room is ready before the scheduled check-in time, it will be assigned immediately, otherwise it will be possible to leave the luggage with us, this will be agreed with the reservation staff only upon arrival, or at most the night before.

The choice and designation of the place, in the type and category booked, is at the total discretion of the Hotel Management, unless otherwise explicitly agreed in writing.

Each accommodation can be occupied exclusively by the number of people indicated for that specific housing unit unless the customer requests to add another bed, also on the proposal of the reception staff. ALL the names of the occupants must be provided at the reception.

Please report immediately any damage or inefficiencies and malfunctions that you should encounter when staying in your room. Any damage found subsequently will be attributed to you.

Having taken possession of the room, the Guest is required to notify the reception, within 10 minutes, of any request for a change of accommodation due to its inadequacy.

The Management, as required by the current laws of the Italian Republic, has the right to expel without notice anyone who does not comply with the regulations or behaves in a way that could cause damage or disturbance.


The return of the rooms MUST take place from 8:00 (GMT + 1) until 10:30 unless otherwise agreed. Agree, at the time of booking, the expected departure time. Unauthorized extensions after this time will be considered as an extension of the stay and charged.

After 11.00 am (useful time for the rearrangement of the room), the cost of € 15.00 will be charged to the customer for each subsequent hour up to a maximum of one full night in case of exceeding 14.00 hours. agreement made with the reception.

In case of early departure with respect to the booking period, the customer will have to pay the full amount agreed upon at the time of booking. If, on the day of your departure (check-out), you plan to leave before 8.00 AM, we kindly ask you to notify the service staff at the reception the day before.

The bill for extra services must possibly be requested and, in case of departure before the reception opening hours, paid the day before departure. After the balance, no further charges on the room will be possible. The Reception / Cashier operates at the following times: 08.00 - 21.00.

The following payment systems are accepted: cash up to and not beyond the provisions of the relevant law, credit cards and the ATM system.

On the day of departure the rooms must be vacated by 10.30 am and the keys of the same must be delivered at the Reception to the staff responsible for checking the data in use (in order to avoid discussions, please notify us of any breakages, etc.).

Customers can use the hotel services within the maximum time of release of the rooms, or by 10:30 on the day of departure. It is possible to extend your stay if the Hotel is available and the price must be agreed at the reception as it may vary according to the season.

On the day of departure, it is possible to leave the baggage in custody, without any responsibility on the part of the staff, who in any case undertakes to keep an eye on the baggage, until 16.30 but who does not assume responsibility for theft or damage that may be caused .


The Hotel provides various services. For all these services you must ask at the reception where they will be happy to help you choose what is best suited to your needs.


Customers can use the services of the structure within the maximum time of release of the rooms, or by 10:30 on the day of departure.



Waste must be collected in the appropriate collection bags located in the rooms and in the bathrooms of the rooms.

It is not allowed to leave waste or anything else in the common areas.

For security reasons, guests are not allowed to let other people access the lodgings at any time unless previously communicated to the reception staff where an identification document will be left and permission will be subsequently given.

If, in addition to the normal access for cleaning, for maintenance or other reasons it is necessary for the hotel staff to access an occupied room, the Hotel undertakes to inform guests of any entry needs by the staff. in an occupied room.

It is absolutely forbidden to take away hotel linen, in case of missing linen we will be forced to charge it to the account.

We kindly ask our customers to behave respectfully within the structure during the entire period of their stay.

Behavior, activities, games and use of equipment that disturb other guests must be avoided at any time within the structure.

Adults are responsible for the behavior of minors in their care.

A behavior must always be maintained that in any moment of the day and in no way damages the tranquility of others.

Please do not slam the doors but accompany them if you return home late so as not to disturb others.

The rooms must be treated as if they were your own to ensure that everything remains in the best conditions, the common sense of all and the education and respect for others are essential. Any damage caused to furniture, furnishings or equipment will be   adequately assessed with the owners of the business for the relative reimbursement.

Inside the bedroom or bathroom you will find everything you need: blankets, pillows, towels, personal hygiene products, etc. If you need anything else you can ask the staff who will be happy to accommodate you.
Do not throw in the toilet any substances other than those for which it was designed.

Do not clog the toilet with diapers, paper or other bulky material, use the special baskets.

IT IS FORBIDDEN inside the premises: smoking, using drugs, talking loudly, shouting, slamming doors or windows, connecting any household appliance to the electrical system, (with the exception of the electric razor) "phone" that is too powerful or connected simultaneously to other "Phones" to avoid the risk of overloading the electrical system available to the room; Finally, it is forbidden to use electrical appliances concerning the overheating of meals for babies in the rooms, by making an express request to the service staff you can access the breakfast room, accessible 24 hours a day, there you will find greater comfort and you can find a more hygienic and comfortable environment for your needs.

It is mandatory to respect the hygiene and cleanliness of the Hotel, any damage will be charged to whoever causes them.

Inside the hotel, a decorous dress is required and respectful of the sensibility and modesty of others.

It is not allowed to enter areas reserved for hotel staff.

During the hours 14:00 - 16: 00 and 23:30 - 08:00 any noise that could disturb the rest of the guests, including a high tone of voice, is prohibited.

The use of radio and television is allowed with extreme moderation and, in any case, in full compliance with the time of silence.

The use of electric and / or electronic musical instruments in the hotel rooms is prohibited.

It is not allowed to enter areas reserved for hotel staff.

It is not allowed to throw papers and waste out of the special bins.

It is not allowed to enter with weapons, knives, sticks or tools considered blunt.

The Guard and Security Personnel appointed by the Management are required to enforce the Regulations against anyone. Each Customer in the act of accepting hospitality in the Hotel also contractually accepts to submit to the Authority of said staff, who are in any case obliged in turn to always respect the Laws of the Italian Republic and the principles commonly accepted by our culture of courtesy. and good education.



The "VILLA AURORA"   is pleased to provide customers with a reception open to the public from 08.00 to 21.00. reported.

Upon arrival, the delivery of the rooms takes place from 14:00 to 21:00.

The structure is not obliged to provide services outside these hours nor to reimburse services not used due to negligence or delay of the customer, including breakfast.

Breakfast is served from 7:30 to 09:00.

We kindly ask our customers to respect the times, max a delay of  10 minutes on the lunch and dinner times.

Customers subject to food allergies are required to notify the Management in advance.

The products served are of high quality, the Management declines all responsibility and is not required to make any refunds.



The "VILLA AURORA" has a private indoor parking, uncovered, where each customer can take advantage of a parking space for free, or included in the price. The car park is private, closed by a bar, but it is not guarded, therefore the Hotel declines all responsibility for any damage or theft caused to cars or motorcycles in the car park.


The electricity in the hotel is 220 volts alternating current, check that your appliances are suitable for this type of electric current.

The electrical sockets are of the Italian type.

Make sure you have adapters if your appliances are equipped with plugs with a different system.

The hotelier assumes no responsibility for any damage to the equipment due to force majeure (sudden blackouts, power surges, etc.).

Please do not overload the electrical system with equipment that could cause an excessive KW request in order to ensure correct operation in the room and throughout the structure.

The Hotel assumes no responsibility in case of failure caused by a guest due to an incorrect use of the electrical system provided to each room, therefore the responsibility will fall on the one who caused damage.



In the event of suspension of the supply of electricity due to Enel or water due to the supplier company or other causes of force majeure, the Management declines all responsibility and is not required to make any refund.



There is a ban on smoking throughout the hotel.

IT IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to smoke in the accommodation, the hotel is equipped with a state-of-the-art fire-fighting system with smoke detection and alarmed directly with connection  to the Fire Brigade Operations Center, therefore any alarm caused by non-compliance with this prohibition, the person concerned will be liable under criminal law.

It is NOT allowed to burn, light candles in the rooms, corridors and other environments unless expressly authorized.

It is forbidden to prepare meals in the room, use hair dryers (other than the one installed in the same), hair diffusers, bottle warmers, (as an alternative to the latter the hotel has a free adequate service), electric plates, machinery and equipment for washing, ironing , heat, etc. and any other arbitrary use of the Hotel's driving force.

The ban does not include electric razors, cell phone and personal computer battery recharges in accordance with EEC standards and equipped with a special transformer.



The telephone numbers of the medical guard and the emergency service are contained on the opposite plate indicating le  "RULES OF CONDUCT IN CASE OF EMERGENCY" posted in each room and in the list of useful numbers present at the reception , for any further information it is advisable to notify the reception staff who will be at your disposal to help you.

Any infectious disease must be communicated to the Management at the time of booking or upon arrival at the facility.



For reasons of hygiene and safety it is NOT allowed to prepare meals in the rooms, much less meals or hot drinks.

It is forbidden to bring in pre-packaged foods or courses (pizzas, rotisserie foods, etc.) that are not part of the hotel.

Snacks, snacks, etc. are naturally excluded from this standard.

Breakfast is taken in the breakfast room, located near the reception.

Hotel guests are not allowed to bring food and drinks for breakfast to places other than the special rooms used for service (in the room or outside the structure).

For the purposes of hygienic-food safety, customers are prohibited from bringing food or drinks into the room that are not authorized by the management of the Hotel Villa Aurora.



Please notify and deliver to the reception the discovery or loss of things.Please also, whenever you leave the room, close the door and check that the windows are well closed, in order to avoid any subtraction of values from the rooms and to deposit valuables in the special safes that you will find inside each wardrobe.



The Management of the Villa Aurora is not responsible for the shortage of objects and / or valuables of the guests (each Guest is required to diligently keep the objects owned by him), for damage resulting from force majeure events and the nature of the thing (atmospheric events , natural disasters, epidemics, diseases, falling trees or branches or products that fall within the nature of the plants, gusts of wind, damage suffered on the ski lifts, damage or theft of cars in the parking area and in the area of the structure).

For no reason, discounts will be granted upon departure to cover any or presumed disservices that may occur following the events described above. The hotel does not have a secure luggage storage area.


The hotel offers all customers a free WI.FI service throughout the hotel.

HOTEL VILLA AURORA wishes you a pleasant stay and promises maximum commitment

so that every customer is satisfied with the experience lived at our facility.

Best regards




Hotel Villa Aurora

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